The Sex Academy opens its doors in Barcelona.

Discover a new course completely about sex with 100% practical classes taught by our most experienced escorts.

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¡The Sex Academy is for you!

So, if you are a man or a woman you can become a real sex machine. Our individual classes are taught by the hottest teachers on the planet. You will learn how to drive even the most demanding partners crazy

Imagine being able to increase your partner’s sexual arousal for hours, find her G-spot, try anal sex or know how to give long, exquisite pleasure and drown in the sound of their moaning, and who better to do it than us? You will be shown how to do all this by the best escorts on the market who have been pleasing men and women sexually for years.


In Sex Academy courses you will learn the psychology behind the male and female sex drive and the basis of ancient erotic sexual communication.

To top it all off you get to have sex with your teachers!  


The courses are 100% practical and consist of 5 classes given by an expert on the subject in question. In addition, after the classes you have a one hour session with our sexologist Teresa Salinas and her training team, who are responsible for the course and its practical approach.

Courses are held at The Luxal Centre of Psychology, located on Carrer Tarragona 117, Barcelona. 


    How to register

    Courses are classroom based and are held monthly in Luxtal, C/Tarragona, 177, Barcelona. Currently there is a waiting list to enrol. Send us your email to receive information, which we will send in a discreet way, of the upcoming available sessions. Your place will be confirmed once payment is received by bank transfer.

    Send in EMAIL form

    You can request an invoice for the course. Training AS will issue the Bill as "Training in humanism". You can always decide how to describe where you get your new skills. The online version of the courses is currently being prepared and will be out soon.

    How to register


    We understand that you want to be discreet, so all of our communications with you are designed not to draw attention. You will notice that you always communicate with Training AS, which also issues the invoices, if you require them, and who also attends any phone enquiries.

    So, don’t be shy and get in touch with us to resolve any doubts you may have about the course:

    Phone: 34 671 170 975


    Would you like some other course?

    If there is anything in particular you'd like to learn in terms of sex, suggest a course. Sex Academy is only just starting!

    Our aim is to improve sexual relationships in an easy and practical way and to answer your questions. We are sure that everything you learn, you will be putting onto practice. And you will notice the difference!


    Legal Info

    We guarantee absolute discretion.

    Your personal data as a individual client is included in our databases while you are a student of the Academy. At the end of the training, it will be immediately deleted.