Anal sex escorts in Barcelona

Welcome to our gallery of escorts that perform anal sex in Barcelona. Here you will find only very open, sexually active escorts who are passionate about performing this sexual practice, since they live sex naturally.



"Anal sex is not a common practice that all escorts practice. Only a privileged few are those who enjoy this practice."

Anal sex is one of the most pleasurable sexual rituals that exist. There you will also find a kind of G-spot. The escorts describe it as a supernatural pleasure.

Many of the escorts explain to us that they have even had orgasms practicing anal sex.

Anal sex is like everything else, the more you practice it the more you like it. This is what Anna defines it as one of the escorts who practises it most.

Many of them even have anal dildos. They do not stop being dildos for anal penetration. These do not have motors or batteries, so they do not vibrate. They are designed for anal penetration only. Playing with an erotic toy of this type is very exciting.

For the man, it is very pleasant because he is sodomizing the girl and that already produces a psychological morbidity that puts you a thousand and on the other hand the sphincter is smaller than the vagina is harder and that produces a greater sexual satisfaction.

The escort who practices anal sex in Barcelona comments that it is as if you are possessed, it is an amazing pleasure that you feel when a man prostrates himself on you and penetrates you by the anus. It's an inexplicable sense of how pleasant it can be.

During intercourse, the orgasmic muscles and all nerve endings are involved including the anus. The rim of the anus becomes very sensitive when it is well stimulated and lubricated.

To get a pleasant anal sex you should follow these tips:

First of all it is to relax the escort, who feels comfortable, the more excited you both are the more libido will increase among you and the greater the desire to do so. Next, you should lubricate the area with either your own saliva or a special lubricant, so that there is no pain and it is pleasant. First you have to go slowly so that the anus adapts and begins to cede once the limb is already inside the sphincter of the anus relaxes and you can penetrate with more intensity, as if it were the vagina. There are escorts who love hard sex and there are others who prefer it softer, remember that communication is the basis of sex more pleasurable.

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