The most exciting thing about being an escort is meeting educated and interesting people from all over the world and sharing good times and conversations.

I love the opportunity to travel and see new places.

It’s an exciting mix of having a vacation with a new person and sharing life’s journey and points of interest.

Having the opportunity to be intimate with you is another of the things I like best. It is the opportunity to enjoy your body and experience new fantasies.

I love being the object of desire with the person I’m with.

What does eroticism mean to you?

Sensuality, caresses and sweet kisses are the most important points for me in eroticism.

The game of love, in my view, is very interesting because you can create desires in everyone.

Freedom is something very important in my life because it allows me to make my own decisions at every moment. I’m a very honest, generous and spontaneous girl.

What would you like to experience this year?

I like things simple and natural. I take the best things from experiences but never have high expectations. I love to travel as long as possible because it makes me rich as a person.

What’s your perfect day like?

My perfect day would be to wake up in a beautiful place overlooking the sea. Then a good breakfast and go for a run or a swim, with the perfect company.

What do you admire in people?

I admire people with good temperament, calm and patience. Active people who never stop and who seek their goals in life. People who say and do what they really want to do and want to do. With a sophisticated education and charisma.

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  • Nationality France |
  • City Barcelona

  • Age 24 |
  • Measurements 90 - 60 - 90 |
  • Height 169

  • Weight 51 |
  • Eyes Brown

  • Languages Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German and Italian

  • Schedule Depuis 10.00am |
  • Occupation Commercial
Lea e1519660510678


ESCORTApartmentOutcall Hotel
1 hour200 €250 €
1 hour and a half300 €350 €
2 hours400 €500 €
3 hours600 €700 €
5 hours1.000 €1.100 €
Additional hour200 €200 €
Lesbian350 €350 €
Couples350 €350 €
Overnight ( 12 h)1.400 €1.400 €
Overday (24 h)2.200 €2.200 €
Dinner date700 €700 €
2 days3.000 €3.400 €
Additional day1.700 €1.700 €

*The room rate is not included in the price of the companion.

*It oscillates between 20 and 30 euros.

*The price will be increased  50 € per hour for oucalls home and hotels.

*Taxi not included in the rate.


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