Top 5 terraces in Barcelona

For those who love a view, we suggest the 5 best terraces in Barcelona. These terraces have extraordinary views of the city where you can enjoy a warm evening with a woman swooning with passion. We have carefully selected our terraces based on good service, atmosphere and delicious food and drink. Wouldn’t you like to… Read more >

TOP 6 Luxury Erotic Lingerie

You can’t have good sex without setting the scene! It all starts with a call, a trip to Barcelona,( a stern look of intent, an inferred promise)…..the imagination begins. Without it there would be little more than sexual arousal. When the time comes…. a meeting in Barcelona, at dinner, in the car, in a bar,… Read more >

TOP 5 luxury Spas in Barcelona

Have you experienced the best Barcelona has to offer in ultimate pleasure? If you haven’t booked with Casual Escorts we suspect NOT! This city is home to arcane dens of pleasure known as luxury spas that offer a glamorous way to relax. If you haven’t yet gone down this route, let renowned travel expert Sonia… Read more >

Top 5 Restaurants in Barcelona

Eat at a fancy restaurant with a female escort in Barcelona puts your five senses. Space and sophisticated neckline of this amazing woman conspire to seduce through the look. Both flavors are close to your sensitive smell, the culinary feast that is cooked in the kitchen and the skin of a perfumed lady wisely .… Read more >