Top 5 Restaurants in Barcelona

Eat at a fancy restaurant with a female escort in Barcelona puts your five senses. Space and sophisticated neckline of this amazing woman conspire to seduce through the look. Both flavors are close to your sensitive smell, the culinary feast that is cooked in the kitchen and the skin of a perfumed lady wisely . The ear is given away by the friendliness of the staff, and the voice of your guest , you want to meet and spend , like you, a delightful evening . First Taste , as the first kiss is endless discoveries, repeated a promise of pleasure . Touch … run your imagination.

We suggest five superb restaurants in Barcelona where unleash your feelings:

1– Lasarte 

The purpose of Lasarte restaurant is to provide an unforgettable dining experience . So pick the woman of your dreams and prepare to be God on Earth for one day. A second Michelin star corroborates well . In this temple of the senses sensual mouthfeel as erotic gestures have a high impact. Frees your appetite unforgettable experiences







(Mallorca Street , 259  T: +34 934 45 32 42)

2– ABaC Restaurante.

Abac is creative cuisine. They put culinary ingredients, and you are challenged to make the best meal of your moments . Choose to do a woman who knows how to enjoy the experience , and know thank her . If the restaurant seduces you with its two Michelin stars , let your company will demonstrate its female worth. In mixing flavors is , the end of the day , you keep the secret of living pleasures








(Avenida del Tibidabo, 1  T: +34 933  196 600)

3– Saüc Restaurant

The minimalist style Saüc is your choice if you prefer an elegant and sophisticated meeting, everything is to be achieved. This 1-star Michelin restaurant prepares you with unusual , interesting dishes , who are familiar with the taste of proportion. As the woman you ‘re going to have the pleasure of sharing this experience for foodies. The centrally located property occupies one of the spacious hotel Ohla , and specializes in the reinterpretation of traditional Catalan cuisine







(Via layetana, 49 T: 933 41 50 50 )

4- Casa Calvet :    

Carpeting , velvety, paragraphs modernist restaurant Casa Calvet is the place to eat with a woman exquisitely delicious space. In this sensual and intimate venue can taste to your liking VIP company , as close as you want conversation , a touch up wherever you let it. The food of the highest standard and decorated rounded Gaudi do the rest.

restaurante casa calvet 1






(Calle Caspe, 48  T: +34 934 12 4012)

5 Dos Paillos

A softly lit bar where the bodies are close , the legs are hidden. Some unheard smells, Asian tapas to freshly made , Oriental aromas. The passion red line, can you think of a sexier place to be accompanied by the most beautiful woman ? Well imagine having to hand her touch, her scent , her lips . Dos Palillos awaits you with its casual and nice kitchen .








(Eisabets Street, 9 T: +34 933 040 513 )

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