Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Barcelona

The atmosphere is exquisite. All in a luxury hotel is designed to make someone special feel to your guests. And yet , without a company level , magic loses its luster . In a first class accommodation a beautiful woman is the warmest of receptions .

The VIP Escorts Casual girls seem born to live a good hotel. They move with ease between its luxury , elegance look of your skin. Especially adore the man sharing a sensual cocktail seduced feel relaxed dining . In a large hotel a special chemistry that grows with discrete looks, touches hands, slight rubbing , between laughter and conversation is established. Jewellery and sexy dresses exude glamor, before being detached .

If you come to Barcelona and choose your girl companionship, these are the best hotels you can experience :

1 – W Hotel : hotel or “hotel vela”it is known in Barcelona , is one of the last to reach the city , designed by Ricardo Bofill. Its silhouette has changed the city skyline, as an urban stern jutting into the sea. Its location makes its more than 483 rooms and suites in a privilege. Their prices are between 250 and 10,000 euros.

This paradise has several outdoor spaces where the night comes to the beautiful people : an outdoor swimming pool with cocktail bar and white sofas , an exclusive beach , bar and restaurant with a Michelin star … repeatedly invites you to taste her Mediterranean .

Hotel W








2- Hotel Casa Fuster 

Casa Fuster is one of the landmarks of modernism in Barcelona. Built in 1890 by one of the great architects of the time, Lluís Domènech i Muntaner, was the gift of one of the burghers then his wife. Become hotel shows in their rooms and rooms with the charm that was devised: a gift of love rounded and imaginative ways.

This luxury hotel is located in the most sumptuous way of the city, the Paseo de Gracia, and offers its rooms for between 150 and 500 euros a night. Your input is most impressive, and nightlife of jazz, especially palatable to spend a few hours together.


casa fuster barcelona








3- Hotel Arts 

If we speak about discretion, the Hotel Arts is the one with more experience. For its facilities have passed international life characters and glamor since its construction in 1992 for the Olympic Games in Barcelona. It is another great local city on the Mediterranean.

The hotel is pure sea from all views. It has over 400 rooms in 44 floors, terraces, bar, restaurant and private club. It seems the more austere, but in their rooms and silent corridors hundreds of stories occured.


hotel arts barcelona-22








4 – Majestic Hotel 

Majestic hotel goes when the urban plan is to go shopping. It is an elegant stop in the center of Barcelona where acquisitions in Chanel, Bulgari, Loewe … nearby, or to enjoy your pool terrace, famous for its sunsets look. Nearby, La Pedrera catches your imagination with their guardians roof. This luxury five star players, presidents and movie stars stay. And anyone who wants to feel in the heart of the city.

hotel-majestic-barcelona-1hotel majestic barcelona-2








5- Hotel ABAC 

If what you like is Alturas, the hotel Abac from Barcelona Tibidabo contemplated Avenue. It is a small, exquisite establishment where everything is designed for a sensual stay. It has 15 rooms full of details and a private spa, which is a treat for the senses. This is your choice if you want long hours of intimacy with a luxury escort.

hotel abac barcelona-1hotel abac barcelona44








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