Escorts for couples in Barcelona

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It is very evident that sexuality is becoming ever increasingly open, especially for women.  They are developing a sense of how to differentiate between the need for enjoying sex for pleasure and for sharing it with a partner for love. In other words they can now have sex purely for pleasure!

At Casual Escorts, we are seeing an increasing number of women requesting escorts for couples in Barcelona, especially bisexual escorts.  Women are offering gifts to their husbands such as a threesome, a mixture of love and sex!

Husbands and partners also contact us asking for the services of a bisexual escort to perform service for couples. They want good sex, new experiences but mostly want to make their woman happy. A bisexual escort is a great way to enjoy a threesome.

Our bisexual escorts are real professionals who perform this service well. They know how to break the ice and make people comfortable and to be attentive to the relationship of the clients. It is in their best interest as well to maintain a sense of harmony and pleasure in the experience. They are powerful women in bed who enjoy a high level of passion for the game, kissing deeply during fellatio for both men and woman, and genuinely enjoying both.  They really do LOVE sex.

Get to know the Casual Escorts in Barcelona that really enjoy couples:


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Joana escort for couples in Barcelona



Lucía escorts for couples in Barcelona


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