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  • Tits and Escorts in Barcelona

    Date 24 February, 2015 | Category: Confessions

    They say that women with small breasts are very open and understanding, whereas those with large breasts are free and adventurous. We don’t know what your experience is but one thing is for certin….it isn’t paradise if there are no tits ! When we talk about escorts with tits in Barcelona we use two categories because when you think…
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  • Have a “French” experience in Barcelona

    Date 28 December, 2014 | Category: Confessions

    Treat yourself to a natural “French” experience with one of our Casual Escorts. Enjoy the wonder of this amazingly sensitive form of sexual pleasure performed by a woman who does it with such intense skill. Lie back and be ravished to the background sounds of Charles Aznavour and Edith Piaf. Let yourself be caressed by a warm and…
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  • Tall Escorts in Barcelona

    Date 12 December, 2014 | Category: Confessions

    One of the most common questions clients ask regarding our escorts is “How tall is she?.” For some it’s the fact that they want to appear as a well matched couple and to avoid looking awkward but for other men tall girls hold an extra attraction. Some might joke and say that some men just want to be…
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  • Escorts with natural breast in Barcelona

    Date 28 November, 2014 | Category: Confessions

    Most men prefer natural Breasts In magazines we see a lot of women with spectacular silicone breasts but some people really prefer natural breasts on woman when they are in bed. There is something very special about nice tits on a young woman that really looks after herself without any cosmetic help. Her skin…so soft to the touch, her…
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  • Escorts for couples in Barcelona

    Date 4 November, 2014 | Category: Confessions

    It is very evident that sexuality is becoming ever increasingly open, especially for women.  They are developing a sense of how to differentiate between the need for enjoying sex for pleasure and for sharing it with a partner for love. In other words they can now have sex purely for pleasure! At Casual Escorts, we…
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  • Call girls in Madrid or Barcelona

    Date 3 November, 2014 | Category: Confessions

    Almost all escort agencies offer girls for accompaniment on trips. Casual Escorts goes a step further in terms of quality and service, It really is wonderful to have a beautiful woman and a sexual partner with you on your work trip to Madrid or Barcelona. It can also be nice to have a girl for threesome with a couple. Having said…
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  • Student escorts in Barcelona

    Date 12 May, 2014 | Category: Confessions

    Universities are the door to the world, opening young minds up to different knowledge and allowing them to achieve their goals. Education is not only confined to academia but also flows over to our physical and sexual inquisitiveness. Educated people understand better than most the important link between body and mind. Young educated girls are enjoying a liberation in…
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  • An interview with Sarah: A Catalan Escort

    Date 20 April, 2014 | Category: Confessions

    If you like a perfect body with a nice face and a bold yet humble personality you can’t meet better than Sara. This Luxury Escort, in Barcelona, is like a mermaid washed up from the sea. She is wild, raunchy and very flexible. As for her lovers, well, I’ll let you to read the interview that she…
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    Spanish Grand Prix Formula 1 (2014) in Barcelona with callgirls

    Date 6 May, 2014 | Category: Confessions

    The Spanish Grand Prix 2014 will take place at the Circuit de Catalunya in a small town called n Montmeló (Barcelona). The Barcelona GP will be staged at the Catalunya Circuit which is 12 miles (20km) North East of Barcelona city centre. It is situated in a small town called Montmeló. Practice and qualifying sessions will take…
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  • alimentaria2

    Alimentaria Experience with a Exclusive Escort in Barcelona

    Date 24 March, 2014 | Category: Confessions

    The Alimentaria Food Experience 2014 runs from 31st March until 3rd April in Barcelona. Alimentaria is one of the most important food and beverage shows in the world.This new gastronomy experience will feature approximately 50 top Spanish chefs such as Joan Roca and Carmen Ruscalleda.The A- list continues bringing with it around 50 Michelin stars and other top names such as Juan…
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