Confessions by Casual Escorts

An interview with Sarah: A Catalan Escort

If you like a perfect body with a nice face and a bold yet humble personality you can’t meet better than Sara. This Luxury Escort, in Barcelona, is like a mermaid washed up from the sea. She is wild, raunchy and very flexible. As for her lovers, well, I’ll let you to read the interview that she gave us which reveals her erotic fantasies with her clients. This Catalan escort is going to leave you BREATHLESS!

Sara escort de lujo Catalana

1- Hello Sara, what’s your erotic fantasy?

I always like to think what it would be like do it in the bathroom on a plane. It gets me horny thinking of that tiny space, the turbulence and people knocking at the door.

 2- What made you decide to become an escort?

I always had a fascination for the life. I had friends who worked in the business and they told me their stories of the travel, the clients and the luxury treats.

 3- What is the gift that you liked most?

A Cartier watch.

4 – What is the strangest thing you’ve been asked to do?

To crap on top of a customer.

5- What would be your ideal customer?

To be in the Caribbean soaking up the sun with a cocktail in my hand and a man that gives me multiple orgasms.

Sara, escort de lujo en Barcelona

6- What is your daily life like?

I like to get up early, spend time with my animals, meet with my friends and go to the gym and train.

7- What do you think makes you special in comparison with the other girls in the agency?

Abs… tee hee hee. I also have lots of love to give and enjoy every encounter. I always have a smile on my face and enjoy making the man next to me feel important

8- How would you describe yourself? What girls would you consider for a lesbian request?

I’m a good lover, a good partner and a good friend. I’m an active girl who likes sports and fitness and am easy going and open minded.

Hmmm…. this is difficult for me. All the girls are so good looking and hot but the ones I would connect best with are Olga, Isabella and Lucia.

9- Why Casual Escorts? What make you choose this agency to work for?

I chose it because of the quality of the photography and the professionalism of the website. I feel comfortable working here because there is always work to do and the clients are gentlemen.

10-  What advice would you give to a new girls starting in the business? How would you explain to a client the way he should behave?

You may find the first or the second time strange but once you feel that the client treats you like a princess and cares for your satisfaction, you will enjoy every moment.

I tell my clients that they must treat me like a queen, caress me and touch me a lot.