Confessions by Casual Escorts

Tips: Anal Sex (A Level)

Our escorts recommend these tips to enhance your mutual satisfaction:


When a woman is relaxed and in the mood, you will find her most receptive to anal pleasure. Take your time exploring everything she has to offer and communicating your needs to her as she will soon communicate hers to you. Often, clitoral stimulation intensifies her enjoyment and only adds to the adventure.


Using a water-based or silicone-based lubricant will create an enjoyable and safe experience for both parties. Sometimes using a finger in anal play can heighten the thrill as well as getting her more excited for anal sex.


Vaginal to anal sex is the preferable method. Anal to vaginal sex can be extremely uncomfortable for the escort, so please make sure to change condoms or end with anal play. At Casual Escorts we want our clients and their dates to be pleased with their encounter and return for more sexual explorations