Confessions by Casual Escorts

Tips: Oral Sex

Our escorts recommend these tips to enhance your experience:


The most exciting part of a woman’s mouth on a man’s penis is that she is in control. It is she who dominates and decides when to bring you close to climax and when to bring you back from the brink. Our escorts use their knowledge to alternate speed, rhythm and intensity. Our escorts enjoy performing blow jobs as much as you love receiving them, and their passion is clear as they use their month, tongue and hands to lick, suck and manually play with your penis. She will ask you what you like and she will listen to your responses as she pleases you to your satisfaction.


When a woman is pleasured orally, there is nothing else like it in the world. It is most important to begin slowly and let the thrill build over time. The wetness and texture of the tongue on the clitoris and inside the vagina creates a unique sensation that allows the woman to become more open to massage and deeper oral exploration. Our escorts will use a woman’s response to use techniques that will drive her wild, using light pressure and manual stimulation to create a mind-blowing climax.

At Casual Escorts we want your desires to be fulfilled and taken to a level you could only dream about.