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Top 5 fantasies of a woman

If you can approach the sexual fantasy of every woman, you may find an explosive relationship that neither have come to dream.

We all have erotic fantasies , images that make us hot but do not let go of our imagination. Imagine what would happen if a couple wanting to delve into the sexual relationship will gradually take them as possible …

Emily Dubberley  has compiled in his book ” Garden of Desires ” hundreds of hot stories of real women, explaining in detail their fantasies . Repeating many of them carried this erotic writer to group them into five archetypes ,  to discover what they dream most females.


Be sumissive woman is the fantasy of many

5 fantasias sexuales de una mujer-sumision-1

The millions of readers of  “Fifty Shades of Grey”amply demonstrated . Active and enterprising , self-assured women are discovered in their sexually happy dreams when their partners use them for sex. His hottest scenes are when they are given to someone else to give them pleasure . What if you play to be another and provoke your best dream ?

At the other extreme , many other dream of being dominant females

las 5 fantasias sexuales de una mujer-3under whom everything that happens has to happen. Whips and leather clothing are not always present in these fantasies , but I heard the voice of command, submitting. Offer a night of authority to these women and enjoy by becoming his sex toy.

Exhibitionists and voyeurs are two opposing ways to turn desires to view. Many women fantasize about being watched while making love with their partner, while others are doing more fuck in locations where the “danger ” of being seen in public . It is not so difficult to meet these secret longings ..

las 5 fantasias sexuales de una mujer-2

The group sex is another common fantasies

being groped by many hands , not an ounce of skin without touching, sleeping with two men or women at once , go into erotic sessions with strangers. In this, Casual Escort can do much for you .