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Welcome to the image gallery of escorts who perform anal sex in Madrid. Here you will find a selection of girls who do anal sex is not taboo or a problem, quite the opposite. They have discovered that hidden pleasure that some women know how to appreciate and enjoy. It is one of the most demanded services since it is not usual to be able to do it with the bride, wife or partner. Although among the youngest, there is no longer so much taboo or secrecy in this art of loving.

Brazil is one of the countries where anal sex is most common among young people to prevent unwanted pregnancies, although it is also a different way of enjoying sex more and more widely. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 40 percent of women between the ages of 20 and 24 admitted to having been convinced by their partners to try this sexual practice.

According to some people, anal sex is one of the most satisfying sexual practices that a couple can enjoy, it is a very different sensation from vaginal sex. In order for it to be completely satisfactory for both parties, several rules or standards must be scrupulously observed.

The anus must be perfectly lubricated. Oral sex or even vaginal intercourse helps to relax the narrower area. There are also creams that will facilitate anal penetration.

Doggie-style and missionary postures are the most appropriate because they allow the anus to relax completely.

The initial penetration must be carefully slow. It's better if the escort controls the rhythm.

Anal penetration is a completely different sensation from vaginal penetration.
There's a lot more pressure just before the actual penetration. The women who try it then decide to repeat it because they get double pleasure, while being penetrated anally if they rub the clitoris have double orgasm.

They say that one of the most exquisite sensations of anal sex is when the penis is removed and then slid backward the first time. The in-stroke is intensely sensual. They love slow at first, but there comes a point where they want it to accelerate and the pace is fast. That's when they feel completely full. The feeling is very different from having it in your vagina.

Everything is so tight, and pressure is what causes pleasure. The anal passage is being stimulated while at the same time there is pressure on the G-spot through the wall of the vagina. Men love this sexual practice because it is the narrowest hole in their penis and they get immense pleasure from the pressure exerted on it. There is a great deal of ignorance on this issue on the part of women, and that makes it one of the most demanded services, as we said at the beginning.

Contrary to what we have been hearing for many years, some experts say that women can reach orgasm through anal penetration.

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