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Welcome to the image gallery of bisexual escorts in Madrid. Here you will find girls and bisexual women in your real life. The fantasy of being with two imposing women and also interacting with each other is one of the most demanded requests in the agency. Stay with two escorts to do with them all the combinations that you can think of is something that, if you have not tried, you should … since it is a worthwhile experience.

They are girls who in their normal life do not hesitate to sleep with their friends or some girl they meet in the disco.

They also enjoy sex with men and women, girls without complexes and taboos, living their sexuality in a free and relaxed way. They're willing to make your fantasy come true. Bisexuality is in vogue and world icons such as Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox have publicly declared it, this has helped many others defend the option of falling in love and/or having sex with both men and women.

It is important that when you call us you tell us the profile of a girl you like, we will also advise you on the choice of the second escort, based on knowing each other and the chemistry they have among them to ensure that your meeting is perfect.

The bisexual Madrid
And well, we are talking about Madrid, the city that spread the biggest bisexual flag in Europe, at Puerta del Sol.

In Madrid it is usual to see on and offline proposals to meet bisexual girls to go for drinks and what comes up, and especially to party, what is best practiced in Madrid.

The neighborhood of Chueca, of course, has a good offer of places to live the bisexuality without cover, or go a couple accompanied by an escort. You can set your tone in their rooms, excite yourselves with the good atmosphere, and reach the limits that you have agreed between the escort and you (or you). Remember that, in a trio, everything gets complicated, and there may be interactions that one of its members is not willing to do. It is important to discuss it beforehand.

Although if we talk about women's bars, we better go to Lavapiés, the lesbian neighborhood. You will also find Madrid full of Swingers and liberal clubs where you can go with your bisexual escort to practice exchanges, which is experiencing a boom in recent years.

If you want to wear elegant clothes, choose Copacabana, one of the best known exchange places in Colmenar Viejo, or Fusión Vip. More elegant and sophisticated, in Elle et Lui you will find bisexual and homosexual sex. Taboo goes first of all for fun. In Momentos, dancing to the rhythm of good music will give you many opportunities...

Of course, there are also swingers saunas. And big local swingers like Infinity Swinger, just outside Madrid.

With an authentic bisexual escort you know that there will be good sex play, because she wants to enjoy it as much as you do. She can go as your partner and exchange with other couples, by arrangement. Or be part of the various acts that occur in an exchange club, from watching how others make love to being looked at, daring with the bisexual room... The interesting thing is that she will bring her experience and her love of sex, and the encounter can end in the most unexpected way.

When you choose the bisexual escort of your dreams, tell him before your plans, so that he also knows how to be dressed, if very elegant or very spicy, special clothes with surprises....

Trio with lesbian
If you are looking for a bisexual escort in Madrid to do a lesbian trio, just call us. We will help you to choose two women who already know each other sexually and understand each other well, so that your service will be very warm....

Women who want an escort
If you are looking for an escort as a woman who makes you enjoy sex to the fullest, it is rare to find it only homosexual. Bisexual escorts will feel the same pleasure with you in bed, and enjoy all kinds of sex toys. You just have to choose your type of woman.

All the escorts have chosen to be part of Casual Escorts as a way to live their sexuality to the fullest, get to know new experiences and improve their lives. So you're gonna be sexually very desirable.


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