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Welcome to the gallery of Madrid escorts, you will find a fine selection of female students, models and call girls from Madrid, beautiful, educated, naughty and sexy. Choose the model you like and contact Claudia to have a memorable quote.

Madrid is the capital of Spain and last year 2015 attracted more than 8 million visitors. It is one of the most popular cities in Europe. That's why many girls come to this great city to look for a future. Working, studying and alternating with encounters with you.

The number of tourists from Madrid grows every year due to the great cultural, monumental, leisure and gastronomic offer.

Madrid is known for its wide cultural offer and a great nightlife that gives rise to uninhibited with an exquisite woman. No one feels like a stranger as different people with different cultures live together in Madrid, in Madrid it is said that nobody is from Madrid. It is a cosmopolitan city where the most important companies are located and where escorts from Madrid meet suitors.

Casual Escorts has decided to settle in Madrid to offer you an exquisite selection of escort girls in Madrid. We are looking for the best luxury escorts in Madrid so that they can offer you a beautiful face and a perfect body, good sex and good conversation. We want to offer you a great variety of luxury escorts in Madrid so that you can choose according to your tastes and desires. Here you will find escorts from 18 years old to mature escorts in Madrid from 30 years old. You will find escorts who perform anal sex in Madrid, escorts who are professional models or simply university escorts in Madrid who are studying and have decided to start with us to give free rein to their most intimate pleasures. Playful escorts eager to try everything and go to couples exchange places in Madrid, more sophisticated escorts and more discreet escorts.

Madrid is a very cosmopolitan city, with many fairs and new visitors, so it is important the variety and is what we offer. Escorts from Madrid, born in Madrid, Madrid and escorts from other countries, so that you can have where to choose.

Behind the Casual Escorts website we are a team of several people who handle all your requests for success. Starting from the Assistants who are on the other side of the phone to listen to you, manage you and sometimes recommend you giving you their most sincere opinion based on former clients and testimonials, to the photography team to introduce you to the girls as real as possible. The photos are 100% real, they are simply given a touch to make them more beautiful, but what we try to do is that the escort in Madrid who comes through the door of your hotel or room surprises you and you do not regret calling us.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the sector, thousands of satisfied customers who let us know their positive opinion after every appointment. We always say that we want to be repeated and recommended, this is our motto to follow. This is our raison d' être. Madrid is a very large city with many traffic problems, so it is important to keep this in mind when making an appointment with the escort.

Many clients from Barcelona come to Madrid and trust us, because we offer you the best options and vice versa.

We manage each appointment as if it were unique, just like the escorts, prepare each meeting as if it were unique, take care of the smallest detail, wear from a perfect manicure or a well cared hair and a well hydrated skin and choose the best set of lingerie so that when you undress know that it has been worth it to call us. If what you feel like after a stressful working day is going out to dinner with an impressive woman in Madrid with whom you will feel the proudest man in the restaurant, do not hesitate to request it. Or on the contrary, you can also stay in your hotel room and have the escort go upstairs as discreetly as possible to have a fleeting encounter of one or several hours or an entire night of sex and complicity.

Sex fantasies in Madrid

Making love with two women at the same time, that is, having a threesome, is a very common sexual fantasy among men. But let's not forget that many of the escorts in Madrid love to flirt and play with another woman's body. Three people in bed giving each other pleasure and making you both at the same time a natural French that you will never forget is an experience you can't miss.

It is important that the escorts are bisexual escorts, that they have feelings between them because this way it is guaranteed the success of this so demanded sexual fantasy. A mature escort in Madrid is perfect to offer the services of attention to couples, since she is an expert so that the situation is the most comfortable and sensual for the couple.

Another of the most common fantasies is sodomy, to be sodomized... Many times with your partner you can't do according to sexual fantasies because of shame or because the other party wouldn't understand it. That's why we're here, to help you make your sexual fantasies come true, however "strange" they may seem to you. At Casual Escorts everything is possible.

The submissive escorts in Madrid, the escorts for couples in Madrid, the bisexual escorts in Madrid are clear examples of girls who love to do these practices for you and also enjoy them. Who hasn't dreamt of a golden shower in the middle of sexual intercourse? who doesn't like a good natural Frenchman with a girl who has a Girl Friend Experience attitude?

Trust us because we are the best luxury escort agency in Madrid and we know what you are looking for. Passion, elegance, sex, discretion and transparency.

Casual Escorts bets for the people and above all with the excellence in the treatment so much with the collaborating girls as with you that you call us. All management is involved in a rigorous respect and education that we hope will be reciprocal.

We are constantly renewing the company girls' books and adding new ones so you can select the most sexy, naughty, elegant and beautiful escorts.

We receive many castings a day, it is sometimes difficult to know how to filter well, but as I always say it is not a face and a beautiful body, but a knowing how to be, a femininity and above all that they do not have sexual taboos when it comes to being with you.

Madrid offers a lot of select and exclusive places, it is full of shops so that you can go with the chosen escort and spend a fantastic afternoon-night or day and finish the evening by spending an entire night of sex in the hotel.

The trips are also common for those who like to enjoy a good company, with a wonderful woman at your side, that is fun, educated and sexual at the same time.

We love our work, we do it well and we want you to be satisfied and happy with our agency.

The escorts in Madrid are sophisticated, have something that makes them special, they are girls who live to the rhythm of this city, the capital of Spain. They are prepared to put on stockings, heels, mini skirts, dresses or jeans and come to your appointment as soon as possible.

If you want to be with a young girl, a mature escort, a bisexual escort, a university girl, a colored girl or an escort from Madrid, do not hesitate to contact Ágata, Khloe or Claudia who will be happy to offer you the best option and manage your best appointment. We are and want to be your personal assistants so that everything is a guaranteed success. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide you with the best option.

To contact us you have three ways, by phone, by whatsapp or by email. Whatever's most comfortable for you. We are attentive at all times.

Contact us and you won't regret it.


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