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Welcome to the image gallery of couples escorts in Madrid. Here you will find a selection of girls with a special sensitivity to serve you and your partner in the most pleasant way. It is a service that is becoming more and more in demand because it is a good way to refresh a relationship and get out of the monotony that is often established in a marriage. Of course, these escorts are bisexual and also expert in the female body, they will take great care to treat the couple in the most empathic and sensitive way possible.

It is a special service and we put special emphasis on asking the couple for their preferences in order to find the perfect companion and the ideal place for the meeting. Sometimes it is the same woman who calls us because she wants to organize a surprise for her husband and it is something that at first surprised us, but little by little it has become a quite common demand. The preferences in sexual matter have definitely changed or better said are similar to those of always, the difference is that now there are not so many taboos when it comes to externalizing the fantasy that one has.

The female part of the couple asks us especially that the escort is careful, pedagogical and natural when attending to her. There is no one who knows the body of a woman better than another woman, they know perfectly well how to caress, kiss and treat. The male part of the couple also takes advantage of this experience to observe and learn the things that excite his wife the most. After such an experience it is clear that the couple is strengthened by breaking the sometimes tedious routine that falls on marriages, is a good way to rekindle the flame that remains alive but very little illuminated at times.

Escorts specialized in assisting couples are especially excited about this type of service.
They also break their monotony and have a great time, and this is evident in the chemistry that is created between escort and husband and wife. They prepare the appointment as if it were unique and knowing that another woman will observe them analytically, choose the perfect lingerie set and go impeccable so that the meeting is a complete success and exceeds the expectations of the couple.

One very important thing to keep in mind before hiring an escort to take care of you and your partner is that the communication between the two of you is fluid and accurate, that is to say, it is advisable that you previously agree the limits and games to perform with the third person. You have to be very honest with each other so that you can fully enjoy this fantasy without taboos. Your receptionist will help and guide you in case you are not sure which girl to choose, will ask you questions and will recommend several options.

After realizing this fantasy of being with another woman and your partner, you will feel that your relationship is strengthened and that you have that complicity and spark that due to the daily occupations you had lost. We say this because we rely on the feed-back of the couples who have requested this service, tell us that they have regained the desire to be together and even repeat periodically. We are especially excited that the feminine part calls us, meaning that there is more and more freedom to express what one wants sexually.

All the girls in this gallery Escorts for couples in Madrid are experts in attending to both of you and real bisexuals. Carmen, is a woman from Madrid, elegant and with a special sensibility. Amaya, also from Madrid, with all the boldness and naturalness. Francesca, an authentic Italian beauty sweet and delicate. Valentina, a woman from head to toe, blonde explosive and very funny. Martina is not only gorgeous, but also very natural and pleasant. Leticia, arriving from Marbella, is a bomb of sensuality and eroticism. Salma, the Canarian model, will make your meeting a success. They are just a few examples of girls who will be delighted to be with you and your partner.

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