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Welcome to the image gallery of mature escorts in Madrid. They are daring women without complexes that with their experience will make you climb up to the same sky. They are married or separated and combine the accompaniments with their daily activities, so they have enough flexibility to arrange appointments. They are determined and very intuitive women who make each meeting a real success for both sides.

They have a spectacular body that nothing should envy that of a young girl in her twenties. They go to the gym every day and have an absolutely healthy life. They live sex in a very natural way and in this too the experience is a degree. All are advantages when talking about mature escorts. They have an exquisite taste and this is very important if you want to be accompanied to an event or dinner, discretion is also usually polished with the experience you have. Another of the positive points when it comes to being with a mature escort is that they are very responsible and punctual people, very rarely cancel the appointment with little time and are usually at the meeting place five minutes earlier.

Many experts say that a woman's age of fullness is in her thirties to forties. It seems that women in their 30s and 40s would have greater sexual pleasure, an Indiana University report concluded by eliminating the idea that the number of sexual relations a person has will increase sexual desire over time. A study by U. S. researcher Debby Herbenick, says that one-fifth of women under 30 say they normally pretend in bed compared to 7 percent of those over 40. As women get older, orgasms become more numerous and intense. The results indicate that 61 percent of women aged 18-24 climaxed last time they had sexual intercourse, 65 percent of whom were in their thirties, while an even higher percentage, namely 70 percent, had reached orgasm by age 40 and 50.

In this age bracket there is usually more creativity and freedom. Many complexes or things that to the twenty embarrass one dissipate as we add up experiences in our lives. It is not surprising that at this age also many women consider sexual practices unknown to them such as being with another woman or fulfilling some fetishistic fantasy.

The mature escorts are ideal to be with another girl and have a threesome.
It is one of the fantasies that demands us the most, to be with a young girl and a more experienced woman. It is very morbid to observe how the mature escort teaches the young escort to later join them. They are very flirtatious and impeccably dressed with designer brands and come to the best wellness spas every week to keep their perfect complexion. They don't forget one detail and prepare each appointment as if it were unique.

The story of Carmen or Leticia is very similar to that of many women her age. They separated themselves from their respective partners just a year ago and although they have always been financially independent, they began to think of ways to put a little spark in their lives because in their ten-year marriages a tedious routine had been established in which they felt sexually invisible.

It occurred to them then to start collaborating with Casual Escorts by making intimate encounters with strangers because their working hours allowed them to do so. And here they are, ready to meet you and take that stress out of your daily business. They enjoy this activity and at the same time get an extra income that allows them to lead a more relaxed life and pay for some caprice than others.

Make an appointment with one of the mature escorts from our gallery in Madrid and you won't regret it.
You will meet a confident, elegant, discreet and experienced woman with whom you will be able to realize all those fantasies that you have always wanted and never dared to carry out. You can meet her at your hotel, home or in discreet apartments by the hour of the agency where we take care of the reservation for you without you needing to register.

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