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Welcome to the image gallery of new escorts in Madrid. Here you will find the new members of Casual, girls willing to enjoy what they like with an activity they try for the first time. Not all the girls who call to collaborate with us for the first time are young, we also receive castings from newly separated or even married women who are looking for a kind of liberation in this activity. Dating a new escort has a certain touch of freshness because you know that she has been doing this activity for a little while and there is always that funny complicity.


Madrid is one of the cities that receives the most visitors per year. People from all over the world who are ready to open up a future or study in the capital of Spain. It is a city that is always in constant movement and we notice this when receiving the castings, something that we will explain later on since one of the questions you ask us is how we get the girls who decide to collaborate as escorts.

How do you select the new escorts?


The girls or women who contact us do so through a contact form on our website. There they put a first basic information so that we can contact them, name, phone number, photos and a small presentation text. When the casting department receives such an application, it assesses whether the applicant meets the physical and aesthetic requirements for the agency. If she passes this first filter, they contact her by phone to meet her and make a face-to-face interview where aspects such as education, knowledge and intellectual level of the girl are valued. If you meet the agency's expectations and successfully pass the face-to-face interview, you are put in touch with our photographer and left for a photo shoot to post on the web.

No matter how old you are, with the girls it's the first time you get in touch with an escort agency, we take special care to guide you and explain to you what the world of luxury escorts is like. We tell them the whole process from the beginning, taking care of them at all times, even when they meet with a customer for the first time, we also inform them so that they can take it into account. We also always tell them that if once they have tried it they are not comfortable with it, we are only one click away from releasing them from the page.

Other times they come very mentalized and it is not necessary this moral accompaniment in the principles because they arrive recommended by some escort girl who already collaborates in Casual that previously has explained all the operation to him. Even so, our receptionists are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

An added value to our agency is the impeccable treatment we offer both to our clients and to the girls and women collaborators. That's something that is spread by word of mouth and makes new girls start at our agency with some peace of mind knowing that here we will understand and protect them above all else.

Why are new escorts so quoted?
Meeting a new escort in Madrid implies a certain exclusivity because you can be sure that you haven't been with many men in the world of luxury escorts and fills the atmosphere with a very natural freshness. When it is the case of a newly separated woman who decides to start this activity, in the encounter the morbidity is served since they are usually women who for a long time have been sexually dissatisfied, then their involvement and energy are total and success is assured.

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