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Welcome to the gallery of images of the escorts that perform natural French in Madrid. Here you will find authentic specialists in this art of love. Oral Sex without a condom is one of the most demanded services, there is no way to feel the contact of the lips and tongue of a beautiful woman in the male member. Men go crazy when they receive this service and stay relaxed and satisfied.

These girls are experts in this service and do it without haste so that success is assured. Making good natural French requires sensitivity and some experience.

The first step in making this service a success and equally enjoyable for both parties is careful hygiene with an emphasis on the genital area. Another important thing is that for those who do natural French, have perfectly synchronized mouth and tongue performing movements from top to bottom but also circular, you have to keep the rhythm smooth and then increase according to gestures and groans of the recipient.

Caressing the testicles in the meantime increases orgasm.

The great thing about a natural Frenchman is that everything concentrates on you. For this time, a woman is dedicated to give you pleasure directly on your penis, with a wise combination of softness, moisture and tension and a movement sometimes accompanied by varied rhythm. So let yourself be carried away and live intensely that moment that is totally yours: there is nothing else in the world.

The art of a good blowjob
For an escort it is a pride to know how to practice a good blowjob. She knows that she is one of the most exciting things she can do to a man (and a woman), and she will be attentive to your pleasure to know at all times how to follow and where to take you with her mouth and tongue.

How to get started is important. When you choose your escort, tell him or her if you prefer a quiet and relaxed moment, prepare the great moment calmly. Or you'd rather be caught by surprise, an unexpected moment. It's a great idea if you want a good French, choose an escort to spend an entire night or a weekend. In this way you have time to get to know each other, to seduce each other, to live the Madrid fiesta to the fullest and let the unforeseen put more grief in the night.

When she comes near you... don't stop watching her lips get wet, start tasting. If he looks you in the eye, the libido won't fit into your body! Watching you get sucked off is a big part of that immense pleasure that is a natural Frenchman.

It's likely that, after a while, your escort girl will stop to "torment" you by breathing or blowing her damp air into your penis. You'll know what's good then. Maybe his tongue pops up and gives you short touches, maybe a nibble will slip away....

Now that she's well salivated, it's time to swallow her. Here you lose sight of the world. While you feel at some point how he caresses your balls. Or even play with the hole in your anus.

The blowjob will keep your penis well inside for a while, changing rhythm, alternating with other games. Until she sees that you need something stronger... exclusive dedication to the asshole! High voltage guaranteed.

She will put it all in her mouth, she has you in her mouth, noticing how she expands, how she dies of desire. It is a great moment for both of us, united by such intimate mutual knowledge. But he won't let you give in.

Maybe I'll switch here from blowjob to blowjob or hold it in your palpitating mouth for a while. Or move it so you feel like you're fucking her. Until the time comes when you can't take it anymore. Talk beforehand about how you prefer to explode: that he looks at you as his semen comes out with force, that he swallows it, that he spills on it...

Think that a damp mouth full of your semen can be a caress post orgasm of the most erotic... so we recommend you to reserve a few good hours with your escort....

Natural French in Madrid
The good thing is that a natural French... can be done anywhere in Madrid. Although in the street is illegal, you may know how to find a discreet and secluded place... of the most exciting.

What a chore to do in one of the fashionable places in Madrid. Who hasn't ever had a blowjob in a bar? Join a party night guide in Madrid, choose your girl, and live!

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