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Welcome to our Vips Escorts Gallery. Here you will find an exquisite selection of Tops escorts in Barcelona. Glamorous, models, beautiful faces and with a knowledge to be impressive. With them you will enjoy an unforgettable evening.


Vips escorts are usually models and have decided of their own free will to provide escort girl services.

As a general rule, these girls are usually tall, with long legs, fleshy lips, small nose, slender and especially very beautiful face.

But to be an escort Vip in Barcelona is not enough to be a pretty face. They should also be very good in bed, have an excellent conversation and above all know how to listen.

Luxury escorts are usually girls from all over the world, they have travelled and are used to living in areas that are not theirs. They know languages, usually have university degrees and above all they have a very good knowledge of languages.

They know when to talk or not. They're like love geishas.

They are aware that in order to be an escort VIP they need to invest in themselves. They must have the best presence, because a good presence is everything for them.

They love to get lost in shops like Santa Eulalia, located in Paseo de Gracias in Barcelona, and buy their best clothes, stroll around the upper Barcelona and get lost in shops where they find the best firms.

They wear impeccable lingerie, their favorite brands are the Pearl, Aubaude, Agent Provocateur, where they have an elegant style but based on eroticism, La Perla with a very feminine style.

They know that the best investment is the one they can make in themselves. That's why they are continually at the cutting edge of all beauty treatments and are fashion experts.

They take care that your hair is shiny and silky, the perfect complexion, the harmonious makeup with what they wear and perfect for every occasion, always wear the pedicure and impeccable manicure. They spend a lot of time in the gym where they sculpt their body to offer you a smooth abdomen, hard buttocks and defined legs.

The Vips escorts are accustomed to luxury, they love that you give them gifts, the jewels chirp them, the good watches and the rings and diamonds. They are in love with the big brands like Max Mara, Tods, Yves Saint Laurent, the Louis Vuitton handbags and accessories, The Channel bags,...

These girls are excellent lovers. They're for whatever you ask them, they know they must be very good in bed. They love it when you go away for a whole day with her or take them to Monaco or some social event. They are accustomed to going with football players, businessmen of very high level. They're women ready for whatever you put in front of them. They know how to listen, that sometimes it's not easy. But they know how to listen and interpret what you want, they are goddesses of love.

Spending an entire night with a VIP escort is an unforgettable experience. We take care of booking the type of food restaurant you want, here in Barcelona there are very good restaurants with Michelin stars. You can have dinner, start getting to know each other, have a drink and go to the Hotel in the morning, you can sunbathe in the gym or go to the Spa. There are so many things that can be done in Barcelona that are countless.

If you want to disconnect more, you can take a plane and visit anywhere in the world.

In the great majority of cases when you hire a luxury escort you look for the feeling of superiority that provides to be accompanied by a woman of high level of education and above all of excellent presence.

For this reason in Casual-Escorts we carry out a select casting to offer you the most sophisticated Escorts Vips of Barcelona, we assure you that you will want to repeat with the escort and with our agency.

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