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If you are looking for a sexy and classy woman in Madrid, this is your place. Here you can contact the most beautiful women, with a gift of people, good conversation, expensive and fashionable clothes, an exquisitely perfumed gymnasium body. VIP escorts are naturally gifted women, who have made eroticism their profession. They prepare themselves thoroughly to offer you the experience of sharing a few hours, a night, an escape, with an interesting and very seductive woman.

You can also live with them special services such as bride and groom, bisexuals, threesomes and couples, swingers clubs... look at their specialties when you choose the VIP escort in Madrid that seduces you the most. And look how it is, to quickly create a connection between you.

The most VIP Madrid
Besides, we're talking about Madrid! One of the places in the world where there are more clubs and VIP areas. Choosing the most rabidly fashionable venue to experience the ultimate seduction can be an explosive experience.

And the options are varied. At the Goya Social Club you can find yourself playing one of the dj's most in the moment. In Teatro Kapital you have 7 floors to choose atmosphere... or try them all. The balconies of the old theatre are a VIP area overlooking the main hall. In La Riviera you can find a concert for the day of your appointment. And in the Arena Hall, his famous parties.

If what you want is to move where the famous, without a doubt the Teatro Barceló, where Andy Warhol, Prince and Mick Jagger have danced and you have to go with an elegant dress code. In the Pirandello Room you have crazy nights assured and an atmosphere without prejudices. Reserve your bottle in Opium Madrid and get ready to enjoy its exclusive atmosphere.

VIP Bookings in Madrid
The big nightclubs in Madrid offer a reservation service with bottles. You can have your private party in a box of the Teatro Kapital, with a catwalk for a private dance, gogos, saxophonists and spectacular ambientazo.

In the Joy Eslava, bottles are reserved for sessions to sit at the side tables. It is essential to book in the so innovative and rabidly fashionable Commodoro, today one of the most exclusive rooms in Madrid. The most privileged areas of Boom Room, for crazy nights, also work with reservation. Also the stage of the Koh Tao, very coveted, if you want to live a night of glamour.

The sexiest Madrid
If instead of partying you prefer to raise the more calm libido, you can sign up for the erotic theatre of Madrid, which is experiencing great moments. Sign up for a Boudoir session or sexy photo shoot in pairs, what it can give you! Find out when the next Sex party is and let her be the one to send it, in one of the erotic VIP orgies of Madrid Killing Kittes.

Or book at one of the sexiest hotels in Madrid. Have you seen the stunning giant photographs of the Loob hotel rooms? Well, wait till you see their showers, Jacuzzi, private swimming pool, tantra armchairs... and their services. It also has automatic check-in. Of course, they have a highly erotic room.

The Zouk Hotel rooms can be accessed directly from the car park. In them you find Chinese balls, vibrators and costumes, Jacuzzi, a good bed and a lot of imagination.

You can also book in one of the new generation hotels such as Only you, relaxed, with intense gastronomic experiences and continuous activities to relax... and lose the north.

Because this is the most important thing when choosing to live an experience with a VIP escort in Madrid. Let oneself be carried away by its intense sense of life, let oneself be recommended by its great knowledge of the city, and above all, let oneself be seduced.

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